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Foveal FM3_2a Fine-adjustment 2-axis Mount
for Cognex In-Sight 5000 series cameras
and the Matrox GatorEye, Iris GT cameras

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Foveal FM3_2a Fine-Adjustment 2-Axis Camera Mount
  • Specially designed for the Cognex® In-Sight® 5100 and 5400 camera lines
    and the Matrox® GatorEye and Iris GT cameras.

  • Pan and Tilt Axes are aligned with the optical center of the imaging element, making alignment easier.

  • Fine Adjustment of Pan and Tilt axes. 

  • Individual axis lock down makes adjustment easier, more precise, and prevents accidental change.

  • Sturdy construction.

® "Cognex" and "In-Sight" are registered trademarks of Cognex Corporation.
® "Matrox" is a registered trademark of Matrox Electronic Systems Ltd..

Click a picture to see the full details of the FM3_2a mount used with that camera.
Model FM3_2a
Cognex In-Sight 5100 camera
Model FM3_2a
Matrox GatorEye camera
Model FM3_2a
Matrox Iris GT camera


With the new layout of the Cognex In-Sight 5000 series, there was no compatible camera mount on the market.
Foveal Systems came out with a competent camera mount that meets my needs.  Thanks Foveal.
Robert T. Couture
4th Vector Technologies


The Foveal 2-Axis Fine_Adjustment Camera Mounts, models FM1_2a and FM2_2a, are designed to match common machine vision camera mounting configurations.  But a customer expressed the need for something similar that could easily handle the unusual mounting screw holes in the Cognex In-Sight 5100 and 5400 cameras. 

So we created the FM3_2a Fine-adjustment 2-Axis Mount.  It shares the fine-adjustment features and mounting plate options of the other Foveal FMs (Fine-adjustment Mounts).  The Cognex model series supported include 5000, 5100, 5400, 5600, and 5700.
Other cameras in the Cognex line can be mounted on the FM1_2a and/or FM2_2a mounts.

The Matrox GatorEye and Iris GT cameras also mount on the FM3_2a

Because the FM3_2a is designed specifically for these make and model mounts, we optimized the placement of the Pan and Tilt Axes so they are centered on the imaging element inside the camera body. 

Features in common with all FM models

The 2-Axis Fine-Adjustment Camera Mounts may be supported with the base down or the base up.  In either position, the plate the camera attaches to can be either below or above the camera. 

When coarse adjustments are unlocked, there is sufficient friction to hold the camera in position.  Coarse position can be set by hand. 

Fine adjustments are made using a hex wrench, allowing for extremely fine positioning. 

Independent adjustment of each axis means each adjustment does not affect the other.

All adjustments and locking are made with a single 3/32 inch hex wrench.  Reconfiguration is done with a 9/64 inch hex wrench.

Once the mount is locked, the camera does not move. 

While not as robust as the Rigid Mounts, the Fine-adjustment Mount will work very well in applications where the mount will not be subjected to extreme disturbances.  They are also suitable for mounting other types of instruments and sensors.

For more robust, two- and three- axis mounts that feature fine adjustment and locking of the pan, tilt, and roll axes, see the Foveal 2- and 3-Axis Rigid Camera Mounts.

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B & B Model Shop Services, Inc. is a partner in the design and construction of the Foveal Fine Camera Mounts.

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