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AutoAuditorium System for Televising Presentations

Produce Videos
Without A Crew?

Just push the button. 

Record This Presentation

Now You Are Using The

AutoAuditorium System

The Fully Automatic, Multi-Camera System
that Televises Auditorium and Classroom Presentations
Without A Crew!

Broadcast and record your presentations
without the traditional costs and complexities.

The AutoAuditorium System Is Fully Automatic!

It is more than cameras, more than microphones.  The AutoAuditorium System uses cameras and microphones intelligently to capture presentations as video telecasts and recordings.  It is built into your lecture room or auditorium, ready to use in a moment, without a crew!

Once it is turned on, there is nothing to do  until it's time to turn it off. 

The AutoAuditorium System has . . .

... automatic camera tracking ... which follows the person making the presentation. 

... automatic video switching ... which selects and mixes the Tracking Camera with several stationary cameras. 

... automatic audio mixing ... which ensures that the speakers on stage and questions from the audience are heard clearly by those watching the video. 

Record This Presentation

The AutoAuditorium System is . . .

... as easy as pushing a button ... requiring only a moment to set up or shut down.  No technical training is necessary.  Anyone who can insert a disk in a DVD recorder and press a start button can use the AutoAuditorium System.  It is that easy! 

... always available ... making it ideal for producing videos of unscheduled events. 

... unobtrusive ... to the presenter, the local audience and the video viewers.  Everyone concentrates on the presentation, not the distractions of making a TV program. 

Locked-down speaker

With the AutoAuditorium System . . .

... the presenter is free to move ... anywhere on stage!  And there are no devices to wear or carry, and no "target identification" process!  The motion-sensitive Tracking Camera follows each presenter from the moment he or she arrives on the stage. 

... the program is mixed in real time ... for live transmission on your video network or recording.  All image selections and audio mixing are performed automatically; there is never any need for post-production. 

... you can afford to make many more videos ... since you don't have to set aside expensive studio space nor schedule and hire production crews.  The cost of recording a session is only the price of a DVD, or hard disk space;  the cost of a transmission is only the price of the medium.  And because the AutoAuditorium System equipment is out of the way, the room is still available for non-video uses. 

And the AutoAuditorium System is missing all those things you don't want ...

Unneeded Equipment
  • No big budget. 
  • No hours of preparation. 
  • No production crew. 
  • No dedicated studio space. 
  • No portable equipment. 
  • No post production. 

Turn Your Ordinary Auditorium into an AutoAuditorium!

An AutoAuditorium System is permanently installed in your auditorium or lecture room.  A typical System has three or four cameras installed over and behind the audience, strategically placed microphones, a small equipment rack (containing a system control computer, a video mixer, and automatic audio mixers), and a video recorder located someplace convenient for your users. 

In addition to video recording, the AutoAuditorium Program signals can be connected to:

AutoAuditorium Technology Produces Programs That Look Professional! 

An AutoAuditorium System is entirely automatic due to the patented technology of the AutoAuditorium Controller.  The Controller's Tracking Camera and Director modules create programs that look professional without using a crew. 

The AutoAuditorium Tracking Camera Module automatically follows the presenter wherever he or she is on the stage.  And the presenter does not have to wear any sort of target or be identified to the System.  If you are the person on the stage, you are the person tracked.  Pacing around?  The Tracking Camera zooms out for a wider shot so the viewers don't get sea-sick.  Staying put?  The Tracking Camera zooms in tight.  The Tracking Camera module operates with several popular robotic cameras. 

The AutoAuditorium Director Module automatically selects the appropriate camera and video effect, . . .

Wide Shot of Stage

. . . whether it's an establishing shot of the stage, . . .

        Slide Screen Shot

. . . the Projection Screen, . . .

Closeup of Presenter

. . . the Tracking Camera following the presenter, . . .

        Slide and Presenter

. . . or the Projection Screen and Tracking Camera together. 

Throughout the program the Director module chooses the right shot and effect for the program viewers. The selections and transition effects are tuned to your choice of video mixer and your directorial preferences.  Optionally, you can choose one of several customized directorial styles for each program. 

The AutoAuditorium Controller gives you flexibility to design your video production system to your needs.  It controls the Tracking Camera and Video Mixer, but does not interfere with the video or audio signals. The equipment supported ranges from very economical to the highest quality.  Some customers have found they already own equipment the Controller can command. 

Everyone Wins When It's An AutoAuditorium Program!

Your AutoAuditorium System Is Ideal For . . .

Record This Presentation

So Go Ahead. 
Push The Button!

You're Producing an
AutoAuditorium Video!

Happy customer

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