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From 1994 until 2006, Mike Bianchi documented the American Tour de Sol US Electric Vehicle Challenge in a series of Reports.

The name changed some over the years, but the intent was pretty much the same, namely to show that there are alternatives to gasoline and diesel fuels in internal combustion engines for transportation. The first American Tour de Sol in 1989 had all solar-powered vehicles. Battery electric, hybrid-electric, and alternative fueled vehicles have been added to the event over time.

These Reports tell the stories of the vehicles and the people and companies which create them.

The following are copyright Michael H. Bianchi.  Permission to copy is granted provided each Report is presented without modification and this notice is attached.  For other arrangements, contact me at +1-973-822-2024 .

For more on the NESEA Tour de Sol, see the web page at

Official NESEA Tour de Sol information is available from the sponsor, the Northeast Sustainable Energy Association (NESEA) at 413 774-6051 , and 50 Miles Street, Greenfield, MA 01301 , and .  All media enquiries should be addressed NESEA.

ATdS Report 1994

ATdS Report 1995

ATdS Report 1996

ATdS Report 1997

ATdS Report 1998

ATdS Report 1999

ATdS Report 2000

TdS Report 2001

TdS Report 2002

    Bill Moore of asks Mike Bianchi about the 2003 Tour de Sol audio

TdS Report 2003

TdS Report 2004

TdS Report 2005

TdS Report 2006

21st Century Automotive Challenge 2007

21st Century Automotive Challenge 2008

1 Gallon Challenge 2009