The Tour de Sol Reports, 2005
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Unless otherwise noted, these all photos were taken by and Copyright 2005 to John Helwig.

West Philadelphia High School, "Hybrid Attack"

Vehicle Name: Hybrid Attack
Vehicle Number: 2
Team Name: West Philly EV Team (High School)
State: Pennsylvania
HEV: kit car conversion, Biodiesel + Battery PbA
The West Philadelphia High School Electric Vehicle Team is returning for its fifth Tour de Sol. This years vehicle, named "The Hybrid Attack", has been a two year project. This hybrid "super-car" has over 300 hp and achieves more than 50 mpg. The front wheels are driven by an AC propulsion electric motor and the rear wheels are driven by a Volkswagen TDi burning biodiesel.

A car that turns heads.

A view of the engine.

We're looking over the hood, which is tilted forward, at the shocks and springs (yellow), the transmission (left) and motor forward of them, and the motor controller at the font.

Simon Hauger in the driver's seat.