The Tour de Sol Reports, 2003
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Unless otherwise noted, these all photos were taken by and Copyright 2003 to John Helwig.

General Motors Hy-wire

Front passenger side. Actually, that all depends. The driver controls can be moved from the left side to the right.

Front wheel and bumper.

Arriving at the Philadelphia Festival.

"Will I get to drive something like this?" Notice the little rear-view camera housing on the front corner of the side window. It's image is presented on an LCD screen inside the car, at just about that position, although a little lower and further forward, mounted on the inside surface of the front wheel well. There is another camera-monitor pair on the other side.

Now that's a BIG game console. Actually it is used for data analysis and emergency braking. It also plays Tetris.

The rear seats. The center panels of the seat backs are a mesh material that "breaths" easily. Notice the size of the single door hinge.

Here you can see one LCD display on the steering wheel and another on the center console. Notice how the steering wheel is on the left side of an arm supported by the center console. The arm can be slide so it would now be in front of the right seat, and the steering wheel slides on the arm so it is in the correct position for the person in that seat.