The Tour de Sol Reports, 2005
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Unless otherwise noted, these all photos were taken by and Copyright 2005 to John Helwig.

Newburgh Free Academy Solar Racing Team

While 'Sol Machine #5' was only on display, the solar bike and the E-Bike competed in the Tour de Sol.

Sol Machine #5 features a tiltable solar array which allows for more efficient collection of the sun's rays by positioning the array as close to perpendicular to the rays as possible.

Another view.

The solar bike and the E-bike on display at the Auto Show. Note that the front wheel of the solar bike is both steering and power. The electric motor above the wheel drives it through a chain.

Notice that the solar bike doesn't have a steering wheel. Left and right handles steer the front wheel.

The E-bike also uses the steering handles instead of a steering wheel.

A member of the "Future E-Bike Racers of America" tries out the driver's seat.