E-Bike & NEV Events at the 2005 Tour de Sol



Vehicle # Team Name Vehicle Description Miles Award Motor Voltage Batteries Weight Brakes Disconnect


THREE-hour Range Event Teams

8 OptiBike, Craig Weakly Production E-bike 60 1st Place dc,bracket 36 NiMH,Li ion 58 Disc yes,two
71 Tony, E Basilicato Prototype E-bike 35.5 2nd Place DC, 120 PbA 70 Pull type yes, one
30 RunAbout Cycle, Josh K. Production Trike 27.5 3rd Place Dc, E tek 48 Li Ion 265 Disc Yes,two

TWO-hour Range Event Teams

25 Newburgh Free Academy, Chris Eachus Electrathon with Solar 29.5 1st Place Dc,E tek 24 PbA 162 Drum Yes,two
55 Partnerships, Paul Kydd Prototype E-bike 22 2nd Place dc,sp700s 15 Li Ion 49 Pull type yes,one
38 UVM, David Gould One-of-a-kind E-bike 20 3rd Place WE, DC 36 PbA 65 Pull type yes,two

ONE-hour Range Event Teams

34 Tony, E Basilicato Electric go-cart 14 1st Place Scott,DC 24 PbA 150 Drum yes,one
24 Newburgh, Chriss Eachus Electrathon 12 2nd Place Scott,DC 24 PbA 145 Drum yes,two
35 Tony, E Basilicato 4-wheel EV 7.5 3rd Place Scott,DC 24 PbA 160 Drum yes,two

NEV (Neighborhood Electric Vehicle) DIVISION

TWO-hour Range Event Teams

9 NYS Parks, Pat Forward GEM - Production NEV 27 1st Place