The Tour de Sol Reports, 2004
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Unless otherwise noted, these all photos were taken by and Copyright 2004 to John Helwig.

PET Transports

The METRO. The vertical guides for a pair of Quick Change modules are directly behind the front wheel, with a slanted support tube between them. The front wheel is the one with the motor.

Another view of the METRO, with the modules in place.

The Bamboo Bicycle. The electric motor is built into the front wheel. The idea is to use more native materials in the construction and bamboo is naturally strong. There is still some steel in the construction, but considerably less than normal.

The LaBomba Road Ski. It isn't obvious in this picture, but when in a turn, the whole bike leans over. There are two separate assemblies for the rider's feet, with one wheel on each one. As it leans all three wheels stay in contact with the road.

Another view of the LaBomba Road Ski.