The Tour de Sol Reports, 2002
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Unless otherwise noted, all these photos were taken by and Copyright 2002 to John Helwig.

After leaving Washington DC on Tuesday, the Tour overnighted at the Sandy Point State Park, near Annapolis Maryland.

A popular student activity and sport is to build these electric cars and race them.

Here is one with its skin off.

Another, with its skin behind it. I think that driver is a bit old for high school.

Another popular student activity is the Junior Solar Sprint races. Students are given a solar panel and electric motor, and must construct a car that runs on sunlight. We had plenty of sunlight most of the day.

The GEM vehicle is particularly popular in the sun-belt states. It is easy to see why that would be.

Sungo starting the next leg of the Tour. Note the earth-flag waved to start the rally.

The AVS bus on its way to Chesapeak City.

A series of students each got to wave the starting banner at Sandy Point.

Carl Vogel is smiling because the Electric Hog decided to start working again. He won't be able to compete in the rally since he was unable to go through the Technical Testing. Still he has decided to come along for the whole Tour and display his creation.